First Time Cruising from Port Canaveral
The cruise industry motto is "RELAX".
All cruise lines seek to give you a relaxing experience and as a Port Canaveral parking company, we want you to relax too. We will handle your Port Canaveral cruise parking, while your cruise line will handle all the cruise details for you. All you have to do is show up.
Your Arrival: Port Canaveral is located on Florida's Space Coast. It is adjacent to the Kennedy Space Center. A visit to the Space Center is a great side trip.

Arrival At Your Ship: Your luggage will need to be tagged with your name and cabin number. These tags are available from your cruise line and at the port. You will leave your luggage with a porter and the next time you see it will be in your cabin. You will proceed into the terminal to get your sea card. This card will be used for everything on the ship. You're done! Go up on deck and get a drink.
Sea Days: Your cruise will include several sea days. The ship will offer a variety of activities. One favorite activity is to find a lounge chair and curl up with a good book—one that you have been meaning to read, and that is non-work related.
Dining: Your cruise will offer a number of dining options. Room Service is included and you can order morning coffee delivered to your room. All meals are served both at a buffet and in the dining room. The option is yours. Supper Club on your ship? Great treat for one night of your trip.
Nights: The lounges come to life. Party all night.
Shows: Generally there are two shows. The earlier one is safe for children and the later one is geared more for adults.
Port Days: Your cruise line will offer a number of activities for port days. They tend to be a little expensive, but they have been reviewed by the cruise line and generally are a lot of fun. It is possible to arrange your own shore activities. You need to check them out yourself; has good reviews from fellow travelers.
End of the Cruise: You will put your luggage outside your cabin the night before and it will be taken ashore for you. If you have an early flight, follow your cruise ship instructions. Otherwise relax. Go up on deck and have a nice breakfast. Enjoy the view. You will be off the ship by about 10:00AM
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